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What is an institutional rental agreement?

What is an institutional rental agreement?

Institutional lease is a relatively young form that was made available to Poles only in September 2017. The very idea of ​​an institutional lease agreement recommends simplifying the rules of renting premi...

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What is the

What is the "Clean Air" program and how to use it?

The government's pilot program called "Clean Air" was launched in 2018. Its completion is scheduled for 2029. The main goal of the program is to significantly reduce the emission of harmful compounds into the ...

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Falling trees on a plot in 2021 - current regulations

Falling trees on a plot in 2021 - current regulations

The beginning of 2007 brought enormous changes in the law related to logging trees on one's own plot. From that moment on, if the plot was not a place of business, it was possible to fully manage all the trees...

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